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Boston Terriers Rescued From Ocean After California High-Speed Police Chase

A woman in Los Angeles, California, is in police custody after driving her luxury SUV into the Pacific Ocean with her two Boston Terriers in the backseat during a police chase. Reports say the unidentified woman, who’s allegedly in her 20s, refused to stop when California Highway Patrol Officers tried to pull her over for speeding in the late hours of Saturday night.

Woman drove into the ocean with her Boston Terriers while attempting to flee the California Highway Patrol

On Mar. 16 at around 11:21 p.m., patrol officers along the 10 Freeway attempted to pull over a woman driving a silver BMW X3, only for the driver to speed off. According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman was going at an estimated 78 mph when officers tried to stop her.

Consequently, a high-speed chase ensued. It ended with the woman driving head-on into the Pacific Ocean with her two Boston Terriers in the vehicle.

Daily Mail reports that the vehicle ended up stuck after a strong surf wave knocked it to its side. In an effort to evade the officers further, the woman jumped out of the waterlogged car and began swimming away from the Venice Beach shore.

Thankfully, lifeguards swung into action and discovered the two dogs in the backseat.

One of the Boston Terriers escaped from the car on their own. Josh Sullivan, a witness who was walking his dog at the time, saw the frightened pup making their way to the shore. “He was seen nervously scampering around on the sand, until someone picked him up and held him or her to calm it down,” Sullivan told the news outlet.

Lifeguards rescued the other pup.

Eventually, a police boat caught up with the woman as she continued to swim through the risky waters. Authorities first took her to hospital, then later placed her in custody. Fortunately, the two dogs did not sustain injuries. The dogs are currently under the care of animal control.

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