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Boston Marathon Dog ‘Spencer’ Honored With Statue


A beloved Golden Retriever named Spencer was given the honor of the official dog of the Boston Marathon in 2022 by the Boston Athletic Association. He is celebrated as a symbol of “Boston strong.” On Saturday, Apr. 6, Spencer’s statue as a tribute was unveiled in Ashland, Massachusetts.

Boston Marathon dog gets statue near his favorite spot

Spencer’s statue is located across from the dog’s cherished spot along the marathon route near Ashland State Park, as People reports. He gained widespread fame for his unwavering support of marathon runners. 

In fact, he was a familiar presence along the Boston Marathon route over the years. Rain or shine, he stood for hours, bringing smiles to thousands of passing runners, with many pausing to greet him. 

The dog’s owner, Rich Powers, initiated the tradition with his beloved pet following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that the dog gained viral attention. That was the time when he appeared in the pouring rain clutching “Boston Strong” flags in his mouth to demonstrate solidarity with the soaked athletes. 

Powers said, “Spencer understood what he was doing, and he knew he made a difference, and he enjoyed doing it.” As a matter of fact, runners would often halt their progress to snap a photo with the dog, as per CBS News. “We had lines of people when Spencer was with us… it was like 20 people deep waiting to take a picture.” 

In 2020, the renowned dog battled a tumor diagnosis but continued to uplift spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic online. He revisited his beloved Boston Marathon spot in 2021. In February 2023, his owner shared on Instagram that Spencer passed away, having triumphed over multiple cancer battles.

Subsequently, Spencer’s devoted followers proposed commissioning a statue in his honor and initiated a fundraiser to cover its costs. After its completion, supporters ensured the tribute found a permanent location along the marathon route. The Ashland Select Board refused to place the statue on town property. However, residents Robin Hicks and Cynthia Eynon Hicks generously donated a portion of their private land.


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