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My dog and cat seem bored most of the time. How can I add some excitement to my pets’ lives?


Play with your pet every day

It only takes 10 minutes a day for your cat and 30 for your dog to make a world of difference. Set aside time to connect with your pet and you’ll both feel energized when you’re done. If you’re pressed for time, make room for five minutes here, ten minutes there. There’s a positive cumulative effect for your efforts.

Take your pet on a date

Too many of our pets endure the same boring routine: get up, eat, sleep, play a little, eat some more, and go back to sleep. Where’s the excitement in that? Make a resolution to take your pet on a “date” or special outing at least once every three months. That’s only four times a year. You can do that. Go to a dog park, the beach, visit a pet-friendly park or garden–the possibilities are endless. Pack a special “doggie or kitty-bag,” load everyone in the car and seek adventure! Be sure to pack a camera because you’ll want to treasure these memories forever.

Take your pet’s portrait

Sadly, we have relatively little time with our pet loved ones, 10 to 17 years with our dogs and 13 to 20 with our cats. Make a resolution to take time and capture special images of your pets throughout the year. Be sure to include family and loved ones in some of the photographs. Play “model for a day,” dress up in feather boas and crazy hats, or simply “vogue” at the beach. This one is important–trust me.

Throw a pet party

Everyone loves a party–but how often do you throw your pet a party? Pick a date to celebrate anything with your pets and your friends. Bake a pet-friendly (and healthy) cake or “pupcakes,” prepare a bowl of “pooch punch,” and create pet-themed games and activities. Who knows? You may just start a family tradition.

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