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Border Collie Wins Prestigious Award at Cannes Film Festival

A Border Collie named Messi received the prestigious Palm Dog at the Cannes Film Festival. The Palm Dog is an award bestowed on the top dog performers at the acclaimed film festival. The Border Collie played an important part in the French thriller film “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Border Collie praised for performance at Cannes

Audiences eagerly await the festival’s conclusion to learn which of the 21 premiering films will receive the 2023 Palme d’Or, the most coveted prize given to a film at Cannes. For some, however, the most memorable award goes to the top canine actor. In a separate awards show called the Palm Dog, dog performances are also celebrated. Like the films at Cannes, the competition for the Palm Dog is stiff. This week, one Border Collie took home the top prize.

Although the Palm Dog Awards have only recently garnered attention, the show began in 2001. Beloved by many, the Palm Dog is considered a highlight of the Cannes festival. The top dog performance, either group or individual, is awarded a leather collar with the inscription “Palm Dog,” a play on the coveted Palme d’Or.

This year’s Palm Dog winner goes to Messi, a Border Collie named after Argentina’s Lionel Messi. The breakthrough celebrity pooch plays a character named Snoop in the French thriller “Anatomy of a Fall.” Directed by Justine Triet, the celebrated pup was praised for his performance.  

Dogs play crucial role in film

The film’s director spoke with the Hollywood Reporter. In the interview, Triet emphasized the importance of Snoop’s role. The character of Snoop “was not just another character or some animal running around,” Triet said, “[but] as much a part of the film’s ensemble as any of the other actors.”

In “Anatomy of a Fall,” Messi’s character plays an essential part in the plot. The Border Collie received attention for his performance in a particularly dramatic scene. The performance was certainly outstanding, as the Palm Dog founder Toby Rose said this year’s lineup was perhaps the most competitive.

The Cannes Film Festival concludes on Saturday.

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