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Best Dog Breeds for Enneagram Type Two

Written by aslmad.yaz


If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’ve received your Enneagram Type Two test results. Maybe you had a friend say, “You’re such a Two!” Or, perhaps, you Googled “What’s my Enneagram type?” a few — or a dozen — times. And, since you’re here on a pooch-focused website, we’re guessing you’re a dog enthusiast — possibly in search of a new four-legged friend.

If you’re considering adding a dog to your life, you may want to think about personality compatibility with your future pup. So, are you looking for dog breeds based on your Enneagram test results? Let’s help you make your perfect match by taking a look at the best dog breeds for the Enneagram Type Two.

Enneagram Type Two personality traits

While the origins of the Enneagram Personality Test remain a subject of speculation, there is a widespread consensus on its ability to provide valuable insights into our motivations, core beliefs, fears, and values. The Enneagram Type Two is often referred to as “The Helper” or “The Giver.” This personality type is characterized by a strong sense of empathy, a desire to be of service to others, and an innate need to build meaningful connections. At their core, Enneagram Type Twos hope to make the world a more caring and compassionate place. They are nurturing, generous, and compassionate individuals who simply want to give love and be loved in return. This personality type sometimes struggles with overextending themselves to meet the needs of others. Enneagram Type Twos are loyal, loving, and harmonious, making them well-suited to dog breeds that align with a personality type valuing kindness, self-sacrifice, companionship, and affection.

Golden Retriever

Portrait of Golden Retriever giving paw to person out of sight.
(Photo credit: Westend61 | Getty Images)

It goes without saying that the most radiant and generous dog that comes to mind when we think of an Enneagram Type Two personality is the Golden Retriever. At the top of our list is a pup that embodies affection and loyalty. These loving canines thrive on companionship and are always ready to bring you their favorite toy. To put it differently, the Golden Retriever is sunshine contained within the most adorable, furry package. These dogs will truly be your best friend and offer endless and abundant love to their Enneagram Two human counterpart.


Beagle running after ball in grass.
(Photo credit: Anita Kot | Getty Images)

Beagles, renowned for their extraordinary affection, are ideal companions for Enneagram Type Twos. Their joyful and carefree demeanor pairs perfectly with The Helper’s personality. Beagles are unequivocal in expressing their love, which can make it a bit challenging to train your pup to stay off furniture in an attempt to sit in your lap. Notorious cuddlers, the Beagle will return two-fold the amount of love they receive from their human companions. If that’s not an Enneagram Two, we’re not sure what is!


Enneagram Two Pug dog biting a stick.
(Photo credit: Maryviolet | Getty Images)

The perfect lap dog, the Pug would make an ideal companion for the Enneagram Type Two. Playful, sociable, and charming, these pups were first bred in China as companion animals. Throughout the years, they’ve found their way into a number of households, serving as devoted companions of royals, celebrities, and the regular old Joe alike. If you’re an Enneagram Two on the search for a pup, this affectionate dog may be your ideal match.


Beautiful young havanese dog sitting in woods.
(Photo credit: Dorottya_Mathe | Getty Images)

The Havanese — another small and devoted companion — embodies love, cheerfulness, and boundless warmth. Of course, this perfectly mirrors the nurturing nature of Enneagram Twos. Like the Two, the Havanese always strives to ensure their loved one’s comfort and happiness. While these dogs may offer their service in the form of doggy deeds, they put their best paw forward by sticking closely by your side, showering you with affectionate kisses. They’re also found of alerting you with spirited yaps whenever potential threats arise.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dog smiling with trees in the background.
(Photo credit: josianefarand | Getty Images)

In a nutshell, the Bernese Mountain Dog epitomizes loyalty, affection, and an eager-to-please disposition. Does this sound like anyone else we know? Yep, sounds like you, Enneagram Two! The Bernese Mountain Dog makes our list of top dog breeds compatible with The Helper’s personality type for their devotion and generosity of spirit. These dogs form incredibly close bonds with their human companions. As such, they are always happy to see you whenever you walk in the door. Who could ask for anything more?


Enneagram type two dog breeds include a Boxer, like this one on the grey couch.
(Photo credit: fotografixx | Getty Images)

Say hello to your 65-pound lap dog! Fun, cuddly, and energetic, the Boxer would make a great match for the loving nature of an Enneagram Two. We have no doubt you and your Boxer would have countless adventures together. These dogs never tire of being by your side and thrive when included in daily outings. Whether you seek a hiking buddy, a music-jamming co-pilot on car rides, or a patio partner for a relaxing drink, this pup is the ideal choice. These affectionate dogs cherish every moment spent with you and will make the most of each shared experience.


A very happy Vizsla dog.
(Photo credit: brian guest | Getty Images)

The Vizsla, though less commonly known, possesses a sensitive, protective, and gentle nature. These affectionate “velcro dogs” become your devoted shadows, and we suspect that would suit you just fine, Enneagram Two. Accordingly, these remarkable dogs form strong bonds with their human counterparts and will serve as both a companion and a protector. While they don’t make great guard dogs thanks to their desire to be friends with just about everyone, they will faithfully defend you should the need arise because you’re their person.

Bichon Frisé

Close-up of Bichon Frise on rock in forest during autumn.
(Photo credit: Apeloga AB | Getty Images)

Cheerful, playful, and faithful, the Bichon Frisé embodies the characteristics of the Enneagram Two personality type. Small in size but large in heart, this breed may be your perfect match. They also adore being the center of attention, which means they’re a perfect candidate to receive all the love you have to give. And, of course, they’ll give every bit of love in return. As an added bonus, these dogs are highly adaptable to a variety of living environments, including apartments. Moreover, they are not known for barking, which is great news for any city-dwelling pet parent.

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is well-suited for an Enneagram Type Two.
(Photo credit: Mary Swift | Getty Images)

Contrary to their imposing exterior and their negative portrayal in the media, the American Bulldog radiates affection and tenderness. While their inherent nature is loving, these pups can become challenging and domineering when under stress, much like the Enneagram Two. Unfortunately, this breed — along with other types of Pit Bulls — often ends up in need of adoption.

As a result of spending time in crowded shelters, and facing mistreatment from backyard breeders or while in fighting rings, these devoted dogs have earned a reputation for being aggressive. Still, we know at their core, American Bulldogs have a heart of gold. They will be your constant and steady companions if given the chance. As always, positive reinforcement training, socialization, and abundant love can make all the difference.

Adopt, don’t shop

Because Type Twos are the lovers of the Enneagram, we know that you have a soft spot for prioritizing adoption to save a life in need. We certainly don’t need to tell you that there are many dogs in shelters in need of a loving home. You’re probably already a pup’s foster parent!

If you’re looking for your perfect dog breed match based on your Enneagram, there are many breed-specific rescues you can contact. Check out our breed guides for more information on rescue groups.


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