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Best Dog Breeds for Enneagram Type One

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If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’ve received your Enneagram Type One test results, had a friend say, “You’re such a One!” or even Googled “What’s my Enneagram type?” a few— or a dozen— times. And since you’re here on a pooch-focused website, we’re guessing you’re a dog enthusiast, possibly in search of a new fur friend. If you’re considering adding a dog to your life, you may want to think about personality compatibility with your future pup. So, are you looking for dog breeds based on your Enneagram test results? Let’s help you make your perfect match and take a look at the best dog breeds for the Enneagram Type One.

Enneagram Type One Personality Traits

While the origins of the Enneagram Personality Test remain a subject of speculation, there is a widespread consensus on its ability to provide valuable insights into our motivations, core beliefs, fears, and values. The Enneagram Type One is often referred to as “The Perfectionist” or “The Reformer”. This personality type is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility, integrity, and a desire for order and improvement. At their core, the Enneagram Type One’s hope to make the world a better place. They hold themselves and others to high standards but can also be critical. The Enneagram Type One is loyal, dedicated, balanced, and conscientious. If you’re looking for ideal dog breeds for Enneagram Type One, you may want to look for dogs that are compatible with a personality type that values wisdom, nobility, goodness, and a strong work ethic.

Belgian Malinois

enneagram type one dog breed
(Photo credit: Sue Zellers / Getty Images)

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog known for its work ethic, intelligence, and trainability. Because of their inherent instincts, ability to work well with their human companions, and possess a strong need to work, this breed sometimes serves in search and rescue missions. Various welfare organizations employ this breed for service-oriented tasks susch as assisting veterans as service dogs or protecting endangered wildlife in Africa. This dog breed may pair well with an Enneagram Type One personality who values making a difference in the world.


enneagram type one dog breed
(Photo credit: Carmen Schwarz / 500px / Getty Images)

Amiable and driven, the Samoyed would be an excellent dog breed for an Enneagram Type One. The Reformer and Samoyed both exemplify the personality traits of loyalty, dedication, and persistence. These beautiful dogs, while excellent companions, excel when given a task to accomplish. In the past, this breed was used for herding reindeer and pulling sleds. Nowadays, they make wonderful therapy dogs. This could be yet another way this dog breed pairs well with the Enneagram Type One’s need to share goodness with others.

English Pointer

Dog english pointer Enneagram One
(Photo credit: Jelena Safronova / Getty Images)

Highly trainable, polished, kind, and versatile, the English Pointer would be a great dog breed for an Enneagram Type One. These even-tempered, easygoing dogs reflect the balance that is an inherent part of this Enneagram personality. If you’re a Reformer looking for an active dog that matches your personality, the English Pointer may be the perfect dog breed for you. As a bonus, these dogs are not heavy shedders. This can help your home stay neat and tidy, something that many Enneagram One personality types value.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd running
(Photo credit: Sylv Lettal / 500px / Getty Images)

One of the most intelligent dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd is highly trainable, energetic, and loyal. If you’ve ever seen an Australian Shepherd at work, you know they thrive when creating structure as they herd large flocks of sheep under the guidance of the shepherd. As an Enneagram Type One is well aware, there are few things more satisfying than creating order out of chaos.

Tibetan Spaniel

(Photo credit: Anita Kot / Getty Images)

Alert, happy, and intelligent, the Tibetan Spaniel would make the perfect dog breed for the Enneagram One. These adorable, but fierce little guardians can trace their lineage back to Tibetan monasteries, where they were bred as watchdogs. Buddhist monks, the epitome of morality, honor, and goodness, deeply valued these dogs for centuries. We don’t think it’s too far-fetched that an Enneagram Type One personality type may also find the perfect match with this charming canine companion.


Grey Hound Head
(Photo credit: PABimages / Getty Images)

With their even-tempered and tolerant disposition, a Greyhound can be a harmonious match for the self-controlled and gentle nature of an Enneagram Type One personality. They are excellent with children, making them ideal family companions. If you have a heart for making a positive impact in the world—as we know you do, you Enneagram One—consider adopting a Greyhound. Sadly, these dogs have often endured mistreatment in the Greyhound racing industry. While the industry is now banned in more than 42 states, many are now in need of rehoming. You can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Rough Collie

(Photo credit: Kanashi / Getty Images)

Like the Australian Shepherd, the Rough Collie possesses a remarkable ability to efficiently and elegantly guide livestock. Their collected demeanor paired with their natural leadership abilities feels very much like a good fit for an Enneagram Type One. Like the most famous Rough Collie, ‘Lassie’, we know the Enneagram Type One is a hero at heart. Where would the world be without the Reformer?


Maltese dog running
(Photo credit: DavidClarine / Getty Images)

Sweet, dignified, and even-tempered, the Maltese is an adorable small dog breed that would pair well with the Enneagram Type One’s relaxed and practical sensibility. These companions have long been cherished for their faith, fearlessness, and of course, floof! You can learn more about this delightful Type One Enneagram dog breed here.

Basset Hound

enneagram type one basset hound
(Photo credit: Mica Ringo / Getty Images)

Tenacious, determined, and principled, the Basset Hound’s personality sounds incredibly similar to the Enneagram Type One. Highly devoted and friendly, this breed gets along with just about everyone. Because their naturally good temperament, they also make great family dogs. An added bonus is these dogs are instinctually well-behaved. Of course, socialization is important! As is a kind, patient hand when training. If you want to learn more about the Basset Hound, check out our breed guide on the Basset Hound.

Adopt, don’t shop!

Because Type Ones are the advocates of the Enneagram, we know that you have a soft spot for prioritizing adoption. We certainly don’t need to tell you that there are many dogs in shelters in need of a loving home. You probably already volunteer at a rescue!

If you’re looking for your perfect dog breed match based on your Enneagram, there are many breed-specific rescues you can check out. Check out our breed guides for more information on rescue groups.


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