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Beaten German Shepherd Dog Adopted by Police Officer


A German Shepherd dog that almost died after a beating has been saved not once, but twice, by a Pennsylvania police officer.

Beaten German Shepherd rescued by police officer

According to Fox 43, Officer Matthew Tamanosky of the York City Police Department found a German Shepherd dog on Aug. 23. The dog was nearly dead due to a beating. He had several fractures and was also malnourished.

“Seeing how a terrible human being could just beat a poor, 4 or 5-month-old little animal, leave him there to die, unconscious, lying on the ground, it’s just something that strikes a chord with you,” Tamanosky told the news outlet.

The dog’s injuries were treated at Mason-Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital in Shrewsbury Township. The staff named him Chance. Then, the dog was transferred to the York County SPCA.

Police officer adopts dog he saved

It took several weeks, but Chance recovered. His personality emerged.

Meanwhile, the SPCA received hundreds of adoption applications for Chance. However, there was only one person the organization deemed worthy of adopting the dog – the officer who saved his life.

“He was the one who got Chance out of that situation and we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis when it comes to adoption—he was the first one on the scene, so clearly Chance should be going home with him,” Steven Martinez, executive director of the York County SPCA, said.

Officer Tamanosky took Chance home on Monday. The dog will live with Tamanosky and his girlfriend, Sabrina Knotts. Chance is the couple’s first dog.

“[We’re] definitely going to give him the life he deserves—lots of treats, make him a good boy, a good part of the Tamanosky family,” Officer Tamanosky said.

Dr. Joanna Parr, a veterinarian at Mason-Dixon, expressed excitement for Chance’s next chapter. “He’s gonna get a second chance at an amazing life and I think today is a good example of his first step, or his next step forward,” she said.

Martinez indicated that stories like Chance’s are inspirational – and motivate staff to continue helping animals in need.

“Seeing Chance go home is the reason why we show up every day,” Martinez said. “These are the outcomes we work hard for.”

Dog beating suspect still at large

York City police detectives told Fox 43 that there is a person of interest in Chance’s beating case. However, the authorities are asking witnesses to come forward to increase the likelihood of arrest.

If you have information about Chance’s abuser, email Sergeant Benjamin Smith at [email protected] or call the York City Police Tip Line at 717-849-2204.


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