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Bear Attacks California Man, Has ‘Standoff’ With His Dog


A California man shot a black bear after it bit him multiple times and proceeded to engage in a “standoff” with his dog, CBS News reports. 

According to the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office, the attack happened on the night of Dec. 8, on the man’s property in the small rural town of Calpine. He told authorities it all started with him preparing to let his dog go out for a bathroom break. When the canine suddenly bolted outside, he quickly followed to check on them, only for a black bear to emerge from his neighbor’s property.

It was then that the bear charged at him several times, inflicting bite wounds on his wrist, leg, and hand. Luckily, he managed to get away and dashed into his house, where he retrieved his shotgun. Immediately, he headed back outside and found the bear in a standoff with his dog. 

Fearing for his canine’s life, the man shot the bear, which escaped with a gunshot wound.

Wounded bear captured, euthanized

After the Calpine resident reported the attack the next day, officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife launched a search for the wounded bear. Once found, the officials euthanized it, as per protocol in such situations. They then transported the bear’s body to Sacramento for a necropsy and rabies screening.

Thankfully, the man’s bite wounds did not require hospitalization. However, he sought medical treatment at a local hospital and is recovering from his injuries. It’s unclear whether his dog was also harmed by the bear.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, black bears are the predominant bear species in California, with an estimated population of nearly 40,000. While they rarely attack humans, sometimes they might, which can lead to them being put down once captured.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Steve Searles, a bear behavior expert, suggested homeowners living in bear-prone areas can use non-lethal tactics to deal with the animal. 

According to Searles, items such as flash-bang devices, bear spray, and non-lethal rubber bullets — if used properly — are enough to scare a bear off one’s property. 


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