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Barking Dog Leads Owner To Bleeding Woman

A barking dog recently helped save the day when he saved lives in a Dallas, Texas, neighborhood. The pup’s actions may even have helped catch the fleeing suspect by ensuring there were witnesses left to report on the grizzly chain of events.

On Sept. 30, the consistent barking of Dutch the dog prompted their owner, Mario Gordon, to check up on them. When Gordon made his way to the pup, he saw a wounded woman outside his door.

Barking dog saves the day

A dog’s siren sound can be credited for alerting his owner of something horrific being afoot. While Mario Gordon was initially unaware of the situation at hand, he went to check on his dog, Dutch, when the pup wouldn’t stop barking. According to WFAA, Gordon was hoping to “calm them down.”

He shared with reporters what happened when he went outside the home in the Red Bird area. Gordon discovered a young woman who kept asking him to help her. Likely as a result of being in shock, the victim repeatedly told Gordon she had been shot. The barking dog’s owner called 911.

In a later conversation with NBCDFW, Mario noted that the woman was “disoriented.” Since he didn’t have any gloves, the samaritan was unable to touch her but waited with her. He even provided her with a chair to sit in while waiting for help to arrive.

The barking pup’s owner further recalled the paramedics asking the woman questions but he observed that she seemed afraid of getting into trouble. After paramedics reassured her that wasn’t the case, it prompted the victim to open up.

With the information provided by the bleeding woman, police were able to locate the house where the incident occurred. Inside, they found a man tied up. While he was unharmed, a second man was also found with his hands bound. Identified as 30-year-old Deloen Williams, he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Woman responsible for shooting faces capital murder charge

On Oct. 3, police found 28-year-old Kayla Griffin in Bloomfield, New Mexico. As per Fox 4 News, Griffin was pulled over for driving without a license. While she is being held in New Mexico, she will be brought back to Texas to face a charge of capital murder.

While it is debatable whether the attack was just a robbery or more, the shooter knew all three victims. However, since it is still an ongoing investigation, the police refused to give out any other information at this time.

If not for the barking dog who alerted his owner, one can only imagine how much worse the situation could have been for the other two victims. Thankfully, they survived the attack and will be able to pursue justice.

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