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Banned XL Bully Dogs Welcomed at Groomers in Leeds, UK

A Leeds-based couple, Nicole Jackson and Jamal Birch, are defying stigmas and making a bold statement by openly inviting banned breeds, like the American XL Bully, to their dog grooming business. Recognizing that all pets — regardless of their breed — deserve love, care, and attention, they are set on providing a positive grooming experience for these misunderstood canines.

Leeds grooming business welcomes XL Bullies

Following the ban of the American XL Bully breed by the British government last year due to the alarming number of fatal dog attacks involving these breeds, many businesses started turning away these dogs. Jackson and Birch, owners of the LS RAW Grooming & Accessories in Leeds, have courageously chosen a different path.

“We are treating those dogs no different, we don’t want owners to have to worry about being able to take their dog to a groomers,” said Jackson, a proud owner of a Pocket Bully herself.

Their stand has prompted owners of XL Bullies, rejected elsewhere, to flood their phone lines, highlighting the demand for their unique service. Jackson insists they want to create a normal experience for the dogs at their facility, one where they don’t require muzzles, thanks to their comprehensive insurance.

Understanding why people have reacted negatively towards the breed, Jackson empathizes, “But, there is no need in how harsh it has been… especially with the amount of people who have dogs that are more aggressive than XLs.” Continuing, she added, “We just want to do a positive thing. I have my own branded muzzles coming, which will be comfortable for the dogs to wear.”

Besides running their grooming business, Jackson and Birch also devote their time and resources to supporting dog rescue centers and the local community — as per LeedsLive. As Jackson expressed, they strive to do as much as they can, given the difficult circumstances.

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