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Aviemore Sled Dog Rally Has Ended, No Event Planned for 2025


The Aviemore Sled Dog Rally — one of the U.K.’s most prestigious racing events for sled dogs — has officially come to an end. This past weekend, organizers held the very last event, commemorating its 40th anniversary. 

It truly was a sight to behold watching several well-known sled dog breeds — from Greenland dogs to Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Canadian Eskimo dogs, and Samoyeds — in action along different forest trails. Many want to know whether the unmissable event will make a triumphant return in 2025. 

Why has the Aviemore Sled Rally come to an end?

The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain (SHCGB) — which organizes the rally — has made the tough decision to discontinue the one-of-a-kind annual event because of financial challenges. (via BBC News)

The Sled Dog rally has been taking place since 1984. For decades, the event managed to attract sponsors as well as an astounding number of spectators and canine competitors from across the U.K.

Currently, though, the SHCGB is experiencing challenges financing the event. Over the past few years, organizers have struggled to attract sufficient sponsors to ensure the event’s success. Unfortunately, the rising operational costs have stagnated the SHCBG’s efforts to find major sponsors. 

Without the much-needed financial support, the event might be gone for good. 

Additionally, the decline in spectators and competitors informed the organizers’ decision to halt the Sled Rally. According to the SHCGB, the number of competitors dropped from a staggering 250 to 70 over the years.

Will there be an Aviemore Sled Rally for 2025

Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether the Aviemore Sled Rally will make a comeback in 2025. The SHCGB has yet to communicate what they have planned for the future.

As of now, Sled Rally enthusiasts can only wait with bated breath for the event’s return in 2025. 


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