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Atlanta Family’s Car Stolen With Dog Inside


An Atlanta family’s car was recently stolen – with their beloved dog inside. Surprisingly, the family recovered the car, but the dog is still missing.

Dog stolen outside of Atlanta smoke shop

According to Fox 5, Anthony Reese drove to Cloud 9 Smoke Shop on Howell Mill Road on Oct. 12. He went inside the store. But before making a purchase, he realized he didn’t have his ID. So, he went back out to the parking lot…only to realize the car was no longer there.

A Shih Tzu–Pomeranian mix named Dior was still inside the car in a carrier.

Reese’s mother, Sonya, was devastated. She told the news outlet that she “was definitely hurt.” She added: “I love her to death because that’s my fur baby.”

Family tries to track missing pup with AirTags

While waiting for the police, Reese had a revelation: he had a pair of AirTags in the car. One of them was on the dog.

“As we are talking to the police, we can see that the air tag was headed to the west side of Atlanta,” he said.

The AirTags finally stopped moving at a Brown Lee Road apartment complex.

“I looked at my son and said, ‘We [are] on the way,’” Sonya said. “We notified the officers and asked if we need to take matters into our own hands, and he shrugged and said you can.”

So, they did. When they arrived at the location, they found the car. But Dior wasn’t in it.

One of the AirTags was seemingly still inside the apartment. But when police arrived, both tags were disconnected. The family suspects the police scared the thieves.

Now the family is distressed over the whereabouts of their dog.

“I got what was physically most important, but I never got what was emotionally most important to me,” Reese said.

Atlanta police are still investigating.

If you see Dior or have any information about this incident, contact [email protected].


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