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Artist Paints Breed Portraits To Show How Purebred Standards Hurt Dogs

Dog shows are meant to show off the best of the best examples of purebred dogs. There are many strict standards that must be adhered to, and not all of those standards result in healthy pups. One artist, Levi Morris, created a series of dog breed portraits that show off just how harmful these purebred standards can be.

In one painting, he shows how the short snouts and flat faces of Bulldogs can lead to breathing problems. In another, he shows how large, bulging eyes on Pugs can lead to problems with vision, and even eyes falling out. And in another painting, he shows how the excessive folds of a Shar-Pei‘s skin can cause irritation.

Crufts, who runs one of the most well-known dog shows in the world, has even had to put out new standards that address the health of dogs. German Shepherd Dogs, for example, must be able to stand unassisted. You wouldn’t think they’d need to clarify that, but purebred standards have caused aesthetics to become more valuable than the health of the dogs. Many breed standards need to change drastically if dogs are to remain healthy. Breeding without regard for the health of the pups is cruel and needs to stop.

What breed standards do you think need to change? How can we make sure the dogs in dog shows remain healthy? Let us know in the comments below!


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