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Arsenal’s Nuno Tavares Kisses Dog In Controversial Video

Arsenal and Nottingham Forest player Nuno Tavares is facing major backlash after a video of him kissing his dogs resurfaced online. Although the footballer shared the clip on his Instagram page back in 2021, it has now started trending on X, formerly Twitter. 

Nuno Tavares kissing dog video goes viral 

In the clip, Tavares can be seen lying on the bed before one of his dogs starts licking him in his mouth and across his lips. Rather than discouraging the pet, the Nottingham Forest player continues to enjoy his dog’s affectionate gestures. 

The clip also showcases two of his dogs kissing him in the mouth simultaneously. At this point, Tavares’ mouth is wide open, and he appears to reciprocate the kisses. 

The video has sparked different reactions, with some expressing their disgust and others teasing the player. 

One X user wrote: “As a Nottingham Forest supporter, I am disgusted about this! To see our left back video himself doing this is shocking and would be a real shame if we had to send him back to Arsenal!”   

Another simply joked: “Oh, I see Nuno Tavares is trending. Perhaps we are selling him? Nope, only yet more videos of him letting dogs clean his gums.”

A third angered commenter shared: “I can’t believe that man is snogging multiple dogs. Like they are going to town inside his mouth!”

While giving and receiving kisses from your dog is one of the simple pleasures of being a dog owner, it’s advisable not to let them smooch you in the mouth. A dog’s saliva is loaded with dangerous bacteria, which puts humans at risk of serious infections.  

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