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Arkansas Deputy Attempts to Shoot Pomeranian, Hits Woman


Per CBS Austin, legal action has been taken against a deputy from Columbia County, who tried to shoot a Pomeranian, but hit a woman who was standing on her front porch instead.

Tina Hight, the woman shot in August 2022, still bears the projectile lodged in her shin. Initially seeking assistance by dialing 911, Hight found herself shot on her own front porch, recounting the distressing ordeal to KATV.

Columbia County Deputy Brian Williams can be heard, “Get back, get your dog, I’ll kill this ************. Get your God**** dog.” When Hight screamed out in pain that she was shot, Williams asked, “I shot who?” Williams then repeatedly screamed at Hight that he didn’t shoot her and stated “the dog must have scratched her.”

Williams called into dispatch repeatedly saying he didn’t shoot Hight and claimed “she has a little scratch on her leg.”

Video of the incident

WARNING: This video contains graphic content

As one might expect, Hight expressed her apprehension about ever contacting the police again, stating, “I anticipated his arrival to ensure my safety, but tragically, I became the target.”

The lawsuit additionally identifies Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe as a party involved.

“We are also asserting that the sheriff of Columbia County evidently neglected to adequately train and instruct the deputy,” remarked Kitchens, the legal representative. “If such conduct is deemed acceptable within the context of Columbia County, it signifies a broader concern within the department.”

While it remains uncertain whether the deputy underwent supplementary training following the incident, his personnel record does encompass training certifications spanning multiple years. KATV made an attempt to contact Jason Owens, the attorney representing the deputy, sheriff, and department, yet no response has been received thus far.

Reminder that police in the United States shoot and kill on average of 25-30 dogs per day.


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