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Are the Dogs Aggressive & Dangerous?

The Cane Corso, originally from Italy, is famous for its fierce appearance and protective instincts. Even though the number and frequency of reported attacks involving this breed aren’t really at a record high, it can’t be ignored that the Cane Corso’s intimidating appearance is largely the reason why many believe this breed is inherently aggressive.

Moreover, the fact that several states across America prohibit the ownership of Cane Corsos has prompted many to label this breed as dangerous. This begs the question: What is the Cane Corso’s temperament? Let’s dive into the facts.

Is the Cane Corso dog breed aggressive?

The short answer is that Cane Corsos aren’t inherently aggressive.

When raised well, a Cane Coro can turn out to be a well-behaved canine overall. However, it’s worth noting that Cane Corsos were originally bred to act as guard dogs. For this reason, the instinct to protect runs deep in their DNA.

By nature, Cane Corsos have strong protective instincts. Therefore, they’re often quick to defend loved ones and property from anything they perceive as a threat. It’s in a Cane Corso’s nature to be distrustful of strangers and other pets. Unfortunately, their natural urge to defend and protect is often mistaken for innate aggression.

Just as they are excellent protectors, so do they make affectionate family dogs. Like any other breed, Cane Corsos can become aggressive when in the hands of owners who don’t fulfil their pet parenthood responsibilities to the letter.

For instance, failing to socialize your Cane Corso, not properly training them, and using punishment as a disciplinary tactic can result in the canine becoming aggressive.

Are Cane Corsos dangerous?

Cane Corsos aren’t inherently dangerous. Many perceive the Cane Corso’s temperament as dangerous because of their powerful-looking appearance. However, when well-trained and properly socialized, a Cane Corso will hardly pose a danger to everyone they meet.

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