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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? Is It Safe To Own One?


Pit Bulls have, for years, been regarded as the most dangerous dog breed there is. Consequently, this long-standing stereotype has led to a majority of people shying away from owning this breed.

Are Pit Bulls truly the monsters that many people believe they are, though? Here’s what you need to know.

Is a Pit Bull a dangerous dog?

The truth is that Pit Bulls aren’t inherently dangerous, as many believe.

Centuries ago, long before dog fighting was outlawed, Pit Bulls were originally kept for dog fighting owing to their muscular build and powerful grip. This, to a great extent, contributed to Pit Bulls earning the reputation of being an extremely dangerous breed. However, this is only a misconception.

In fact, according to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), Pit Bulls are among the top five breeds with the most gentle temperament (87.6%). Surprisingly, their gentleness surpasses that of breeds considered “non-dangerous” in America. For instance, the ATTS rates the Golden Retriever’s overall temperament as 85.9%.

These statistics only prove one thing; Pit Bulls, like any other breed, can be loving, friendly, and affectionate dogs. It all depends on how they’re raised and treated.

More often than not, aggression in Pit Bulls stems from factors that are in the owner’s control. A Pit Bull who has had traumatic experiences with humans will likely develop aggressive tendencies. Additionally, Pit Bulls that aren’t properly socialized from an early age or aren’t properly trained tend to be aggressive.

Is it safe to own a Pit Bull?

The short answer is yes; it’s safe to own a Pit Bull, provided that you, as the owner, play your part in ensuring they don’t become aggressive.

By providing them with a loving environment void of traumatic experiences, socializing them as much as you can, and prioritizing training, you’ll have a well-mannered canine under your roof.

Moreover, whether a Pit Bull is safe to own or not depends on the breeder you get your animal from. It’s important to get your Pit Bull from a reputable breeder.


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