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Are Newfoundland Dogs Good Family Dogs? Good Companions?


If you’ve ever met the Newfoundland, or “Newfie” as they’re popularly known, you’ll agree that this breed resembles a giant plush teddy bear worth infinite hugs.

This strikingly majestic, heavy-boned breed hails from Canada. There, they helped local fishermen drag their nets and participated in water rescue work, all thanks to their impressive strength and swimming expertise.

Newfoundlands make remarkable swimmers. Their webbed feet speak volumes of their innate love for the aquatic environment. It’s no surprise that the Newfoundland has featured in countless tales of heroism at water bodies.

Do they make incredible family dogs, though? Let’s explore.

Do Newfoundland dogs make good family dogs?

Yes, Newfoundlands are fantastic family dogs. Aside from their admirable lifesaving skills, Newfies love to spend time with their loved ones. They are affectionate, gentle, friendly, and sociable, traits that enable them to be a worthwhile addition to any family unit.

Newfies are famous for their sweet temperament and eagerness to please their family members. While they tend to be a bit reserved with unfamiliar faces, it doesn’t take long before a Newfie warms up to people their family knows.

Just as they are devoted and loving to their families, Newfoundlands are also quite protective of them. The Newfie is a vigilant breed that’s quick to intervene in the event of a potential threat. It’s safe to say the Newfoundland’s loyalty towards their families knows no bounds.

If you are thinking of adding a Newfoundland to your family, rest assured you’ll have both an excellent watchdog and a gentle giant under your roof.

Are Newfoundland dogs good companions?

Newfoundlands are excellent companions to adults and kids alike. In fact, their patience, protectiveness, friendliness, and nurturing demeanor towards children have earned them the nickname “nanny dogs.”

The Newfoundland enjoys being around young ones, so best believe they do get along with children pretty well. However, remember, as with every other breed, you should always keep an eye on the Newfie’s interactions with kids.


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