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Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs & Kid-Friendly?


At first glance, one can easily get the impression that the Cane Corso isn’t a breed to mess with. Their deep, broad chests, powerful build, and massive head are among the unmistakable features of this Italian Mastiff breed. Cane Corsos trace their roots to Rome, where they were kept as working dogs alongside ancient Roman armies.

Throughout history, the Cane Corso has excelled in roles such as guarding, livestock herding, and game hunting thanks to their high intelligence and strong work ethic. But beyond this fierce exterior is a cherished canine companion that many households in the United States are glad to have.

Ever wondered whether Cane Corsos make great family dogs and are incredible with kids? Let’s explore.

Do Cane Corsos make good family dogs?

The short answer is yes, Cane Corsos make great family dogs. The Cane Corso is a loyal and affectionate dog who brings their goofy side to life when around their loved ones. Cane Corsos quickly bond with family members and are known to display their unwavering loyalty to them.

Furthermore, this breed is naturally protective of their families and isn’t afraid to pursue anyone who poses a threat to their loved ones. Due to their strong-willed and dominant nature, Cane Corsos aren’t ideal for first-time dog owners. They require an experienced and assertive owner who will provide consistent leadership in order to raise a well-mannered dog.

Are Cane Corsos kid-friendly?

Surprisingly, Cane Corsos are incredible with kids. Although their imposing stature may suggest otherwise, the Cane Corso is a kid-friendly breed.

Cane Corsos are affectionate, tolerant, and gentle with kids within the family unit. However, since this breed is naturally suspicious of outsiders, they may not be friendly to children from other households, unless they’re properly socialized to be welcoming to kids beyond the family unit.

No matter how great the Cane Corso is with kids, though, you should always supervise all interactions between this breed and your children for safety’s sake.


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