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Are Bichon Frises Good House Dogs? Good Indoors?

Almost everyone who sets their eyes on the Bichon Frisé for the first time in person gets serious heart eyes. The Bichon’s cuteness is to die for, and their personality is just as breathtaking as their looks.

This happy-go-lucky breed originated from the Mediterranean Islands. There, they were first kept as noble companions for royalty in various kingdoms around the Mediterranean. To add to that, the Bichon Frisé was popular among artists in Europe. Several artists became huge admirers of this adorable, cuddly breed, and often featured them in their paintings.

Today, Bichons are well-loved for their sweet, easy-going temperament. All we can say is that whatever amount of affection you give the Bichon, be prepared to receive back twice as much. Ever wondered whether Bichon Frisés make good house dogs? Here’s what you need to know.

Do Bichon Frisés make good house dogs?

The short answer is yes, a resounding yes. Bichon Frisés are incredible house dogs thanks to their cheerful, intelligent, affectionate, and sociable nature. This breed is people-friendly and, therefore, do well with first-time dog owners or owners of all ages, including the elderly.

Bichons get along pretty well with children and other household pets, making them ideal for families with kids. Moreover, training the Bichon Frisé isn’t difficult because they are quite intelligent in nature. Furthermore, the Bichon’s small, manageable size makes them an ideal companion for those living in apartments.

Are Bichon Frisés happy indoors?

The Bichon Frisé thrives indoors, provided they find an owner who has enough time for them. In other words, Bichons do well in the company of their humans. They would rather be lounging on the couch with their loved ones than be anywhere else.

Spending time with their families indoors while engaging in playful activities is perhaps the Bichon’s favorite thing to do. This charming breed is prone to separation anxiety when left alone indoors for a prolonged period.

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