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Are Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Good Family Dogs & Kid-Friendly?

The Anatolian Shepherd traces its roots back to the famous Anatolia region of Turkey. There, they were exclusively bred to guard livestock from potential predators. Throughout history, this breed excelled in roles that required them to be the ultimate protector. Even today, the Anatolian Shepherd’s outstanding guarding ability remains one of their strongest traits.

With their sturdy build and overall standoffish appearance, one can easily conclude that the Anatolia Shepherd is a breed that means business.

Ever wondered whether Anatolian Shepherds are fantastic family dogs and, most importantly, great with children? Here’s what you need to know.

Do Anatolian Shepherd dogs make good family dogs?

Surprisingly, the Anatolian Shepherd makes a great family dog, thanks to their calm demeanor, unmatched loyalty, and extreme protectiveness. While this breed may not be like other breeds in terms of being overly affectionate and constantly seeking attention, they display their love for their loved ones through their protective nature.

The Anatolian Shepherd is the family dog you need if you want a canine who’s laid back but, at the same time, fiercely loyal and takes their protector role seriously.

Anatolian Shepherds are strongly devoted to anyone they perceive as their “flock.” That includes immediate family members. This breed’s calm demeanor rarely extends beyond people outside the family unit, though. Anatolian Shepherds are naturally wary of new faces. Therefore, they need a lot of socialization to warm up to extended family members.

Are Anatolian Shepherd dogs good with kids?

Generally, the Anatolian Shepherd is good with kids within the family unit. This breed considers children in the family as part of their “flock” and, therefore, also shows affection and loyalty to them.

Unfortunately, Anatolian Shepherds aren’t friendly to children outside the family unit and will unleash their territorial side in the presence of unfamiliar kids. All in all, this breed is best suited for families with older children as opposed to younger kids.

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