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Animal Neglect Lands Puppy Farmers in Jail


Two brothers from Glasgow, Scotland, who inflicted “unimaginable misery” on puppies have each received a nine-month prison sentence. The duo operated a puppy farm business where the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) found the dogs living in unhygienic conditions and poor health. Tom Mongan, aged 28, and his 40-year-old brother, William Mongan, were selling the pups online for £1,000 each from Airbnb properties they rented in the city.

Court verdict and disturbing revelations about the Mongan brothers

Glasgow Sheriff Court declared the brothers guilty of causing undue distress to animals and handed them a decade-long prohibition on pet ownership. Furthermore — as per BBC News — the pair committed the offenses between December 2020 and February 2021 — amidst the “puppy boom” triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SSPCA inspectors, along with the police, searched the properties in January 2021, discovering eight puppies in the men’s possession. They found the animals in a state of neglect — forced to reside in unsanitary conditions.

Thomas Young — who had visited an Airbnb address to buy a puppy for as much as £1,600 — made a testimony in court. He reported that he immediately noticed the puppy was ill, suffering from diarrhea, and exhibiting extreme fatigue. According to the vet, parvovirus was the suspected cause. Owing to the puppy’s critical condition, they decided to euthanize the canine several days later, the court heard.

Prosecutor Gail Campbell said, “Mr. Young contacted Tom Mongan on Facebook to tell him the puppy had died but he blocked him.” Further elaborating, Campbell mentioned that — according to the vet — the dog had experienced unnecessary distress and suffering.

The court heard of numerous instances of related abuse where customers had purchased puppies who eventually died as a result of animal neglect and abuse.

‘Unimaginable misery’ for puppies and buyers

The two brothers belong to the Irish traveling community. Moreover, Tom Mongan faced a prior conviction in Northern Ireland for a similar offense in October 2020, resulting in a 10-year ban on owning animals.

Sheriff Mark McGuire stated, “Each of you pled guilty to what can be described as animal cruelty on 11 separate dogs.” He continued, “It must have been obvious the dogs were unwell and the conditions they were kept in was poor — you took no steps to get help for these animals.”

Not to mention, the brothers priced each dog at over £1,000, highlighting a clear motivation for financial gain. “It was clearly greed and it brought unimaginable misery to those who unfortunately bought them,” McGuire added.

Tom Mongan’s defense attorney — Atlanta Jack — expressed his client’s apologies for the “upset and inconvenience caused.” Similarly, Patrick Brechany — defending William Mongan — said that his client expressed remorse and regret.


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