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Animal Humane Society Caring for 30 Dogs Seized From Rescue

As DogTime covered previously, authorities found eight dog carcasses in suburban Minnesota earlier this month. While unraveling the mystery behind the dead dogs, investigators discovered a multitude of other pups. They were suffering neglect in connection with an animal rescue organization. Now, the Animal Humane Society (AHS) is caring for 30 of those dogs seized from the rescue.

Animal Human Society takes in 30 dogs due to rescue neglect

According to KARE 11, a search warrant related to eight dogs found dead on the side of the road in Cottage Grove uncovered many more suffering animals. A total of 22 dogs were recovered from a rescue in Andover due to a search warrant. Eight more were living with foster parents. Now, all 30 dogs are in the care of the Animal Humane Society. AHS has multiple locations in and around the Twin Cities.

The dogs range from 2 ½ weeks old to adults several years old, and represent a variety of breeds. Four puppies recovered with the search warrant are now back with their mom. Many other dogs arrived at AHS underweight, thirsty, hungry, and dirty. Some are anxious and fearful. All are receiving behavioral care and medical services.  

“These cases are heartbreaking. They tend to stir up a lot of emotion for all of us, but we also know that we have these dogs on the first step toward the life they deserve,” Liv Hagen told reporters Monday. She is the shelter behavior and humane investigations manager at AHS. “We all go home and hug our pets a little bit tighter when this happens.”

Some dogs will be eligible for adoption soon

Some of the rescued dogs will be available for adoption within the next couple of weeks. However, others may need more time. Potential adopters will need to be able to meet the dogs’ behavioral and health needs. Some of the dogs may require grooming as well.

“We are still learning about each dog’s history and unique medical and behavioral needs,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post featuring pics of the pups.

“This unique and tragic situation emphasizes the importance of Animal Humane Society’s commitment to prioritize animal welfare and provide affordable resources and services to our community so pet parents have access to compassionate support when they feel overwhelmed,” AHS added.

Questions in rescue neglect case remain

Anoka County authorities have still not revealed the cause of death of the eight dogs that launched the investigation of the rescue organization. According to KARE 11, a spokesperson for the rescue claims the dogs died from parvo, but that has not been verified. And while a person confessed to dumping the dead dogs’ bodies on the side of the road, it appears no one is facing charges in this case yet.

“The cause of the dogs’ death and what their last days may have looked like is still unknown – but no animal deserves to be treated like this,” AHS wrote on Facebook.

If you are interested in providing one of these poor, neglected pups with a forever home, keep an eye on AHS’ website. Information on adoptable dogs is updated regularly.

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