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Animal Control Officer Stole Yorkie, Sold Her to New Family


As a pet parent, your worst fear is likely your fur baby going missing. But no matter the bizarre scenarios your brain might spin about your pet’s fate, it would never come up with this stranger-than-fiction tale. An animal control officer stole a Yorkie in New York. Then, he sold the dog to a family in Ohio. Luckily, the authorities recovered the pup and returned her to her pet parent.

Animal control officer told pet parent her Yorkie died

According to the Miami Herald, Hope is a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. About five months ago, Hope went missing. She was found outside in Corning, an upstate New York town approximately 45 miles west of Ithaca. Someone took her to the Chemung County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

At some point, Scott Casterline, a 51-year-old animal control officer, crossed paths with Hope. But instead of reuniting Hope with her dog mom, Casterline allegedly stole the dog and sold her. He told dog mom Jeannine Staller that Hope was dead.

After receiving a tip, police began an investigation. They found Hope living with a new family in Ohio. The family was unaware that Hope was missing. Steuben County police stated that the family treated Hope well, even bringing her on a vacation to the Adirondacks.

Police arrested Casterline Oct. 26. He faces charges of official misconduct, misapplication of property and false written statements. He resigned from his city job as a dog officer several months ago.

Stolen dog returned to pet parent

Hope returned to her original dog mom. Staller couldn’t be happier to have her fur baby back.

“We are finally able to share the news with all of you that our beloved dog, Hope, who was presumed dead 5 months ago is actually alive and back home!!” she wrote on Facebook.

“We want to thank this whole community for their support and continued determination in seeking justice for Hope and for the Sheriff’s Dept in finding the truth and bringing our Hope back home to us alive!!” she wrote.


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