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‘Anatomy of a Fall’s Dog Messi Steals the Show

The Oscars 2024 had its fair share of memorable highlights, yet none quite as enchanting as Messi, the canine sensation. Known for portraying Snoop, a service dog in the French legal thriller “Anatomy of a Fall,” Messi stole the spotlight at the Dolby Theatre. Clad in a stylish black bow tie. He even graciously “clapped” for the award nominees during the opening monologue, a moment that has since gone viral.

‘Anatomy of a Fall’s pooch Messi appeared at the Oscars 2024

Messi’s presence at the Oscars 2024 was highly anticipated, given his journey from winning the “Palm Dog” at Cannes for his performance, an unofficial but coveted accolade recognizing canine talent in films. Despite a whirlwind awards season and becoming a fan-favorite mascot for the film — which clinched the “Best Original Screenplay” award — the night offered an additional delight for Messi’s fans.

A video clip featuring Messi “clapping” sparked delight among viewers and went viral. However, it later emerged as a cleverly crafted sequence rather than a live moment. Laura Martin, Messi’s trainer, recently shared some insights into the behind-the-scenes work. These included a photo with fake paws used for the video — per TIME. The endearing stunt highlighted the creative ways the film’s team sought to celebrate Messi’s role and impact.

Watch Messi the dog politely clapping for the award nominees

The 7-year-old Border Collie’s unexpected journey from a Cannes favorite to a Hollywood sensation has been nothing short of remarkable. In interviews, Martin expressed astonishment at the overwhelming response and adoration Messi has received in the United States. It has far surpassed their expectations for a canine actor. Messi has recently participated in screenplay readings with stars like Bob Odenkirk and Olivia Wilde, as well as mixing with A-listers at the Oscars nominees lunch. The dog’s adventures in Los Angeles have epitomized the pinnacle of a successful awards season run.

Despite some controversies surrounding his attendance giving “Anatomy of a Fall” an undue advantage, Messi’s influence and popularity remain undiminished. His foray into the glitzy world of Hollywood hints at a budding career in entertainment that goes beyond his acclaimed role in “Anatomy of a Fall.” As Messi embarks on his next venture — a French television show — his legacy as a beloved cinematic pooch continues to enchant and inspire.

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