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Amazon Driver Fired for Stealing Puppy

An Amazon driver has been fired for allegedly trying to steal a customer’s puppy while delivering a package to their residence. Henry County Police, Georgia, are now investigating the incident.

Theft of puppy results in Amazon delivery driver’s termination

The dog owner, Terrika Currence —a Henry County resident, was home with her daughter when the shocking incident happened. Following the alleged attempt to steal the pup, Amazon fired the delivery executive.

According to Indy100 News, the puppy was in the front yard when the Amazon driver dropped the package. Currence said it was her daughter who alerted her about their pup, a Red Nose Pitbull, being taken away.

“As I open the door to put the package in the house, and the dog food, my daughter screams and says, ‘The Amazon guy stole our puppy’,” Currence shared. Immediately, she confronted the driver, who hadn’t yet left. She recorded the heated confrontation with her phone. The clip has since gone viral.

In the video, Currence can be heard calling out the driver while demanding her puppy back. She then goes ahead to open the backdoor of the Amazon truck, and to her disbelief, sees her pup walking toward the door. Seemingly, the driver was ready to take off with the dog.

Watch the video below:

Currence said the driver gave a rather bizarre reason for trying to steal their puppy. The man explained, “The dog was pretty and that he would love to have a puppy.” According to Currence, the alleged theft attempt left her daughter shaken. The little girl now worries that any delivery person dropping off a package at their home is going to “potentially take their puppy”, Currence said.

The dog owner contacted authorities and also filed a complaint with Amazon. In response, a spokesperson with the giant online retailer stated, “We’ve apologized to the customer and glad their dog was returned unharmed. The driver involved is no longer delivering for Amazon and we’ve reached out to law enforcement to assist as they investigate.”

While Currence is grateful that the suspect is no longer an Amazon employee, she feels that he will make an attempt again because “it’s in his character.”

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