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Amazon Driver Dog Theft Attempt Captured in Shocking Video


An Amazon driver in Henry County, Georgia, faced termination after a customer caught him allegedly attempting dog theft. Terrika Currence, a local business owner, claims that the driver was trying to make off with her puppy as she opened her door to retrieve a delivered package.

Amazon driver allegedly attempted to steal customer’s dog

Currence shared her distressing experience with WSB-TV. She said that her daughter alerted her to the driver’s nefarious act, yelling, “The Amazon guy stole our puppy.” Swiftly reacting to the situation, Currence confronted the driver and documented the encounter.

Footage obtained by the outlet depicts Currence heading toward the delivery truck with her daughter’s cries of “He took our puppy” resonating in the background. Currence filmed the inside of the vehicle while angrily exclaiming her disbelief about the man’s audacity to steal her dog. The footage ended with the dog coming out of the truck, seemingly unharmed.

Regarding the Amazon driver’s intentions, Currence mentioned that he commented on the puppy being “pretty” and expressing a desire to have one. She, however, didn’t expect him to try to steal her puppy, leading to her daughter fearing every subsequent delivery driver.

What happened to the Amazon driver who tried to steal a dog?

An Amazon spokesperson, Austin Stowe, confirmed to PEOPLE that the driver in question no longer works for the company. He stated, “We’ve apologized to the customer and glad their dog was returned unharmed.” Furthermore, he added, “The driver involved is no longer delivering for Amazon and we’ve reached out to law enforcement to assist as they investigate.”

Currence revealed to WSB-TV that learning about the driver’s dismissal was a relief. “It gives me relief that he’s fired, but if he’s doing things like that, I’m sure, you know it’s in his character. He’ll do it again,” she stated.

The New York Post reported that an investigation into the incident by the Henry County Police Department is currently ongoing.


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