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Amazon Driver Delivers More Than a Package, Shooting Family Dog

A family in Alabama is demanding answers after an Amazon delivery driver shot and injured their dog. While authorities term the driver’s actions as an act of self-defense, the heartbroken family has hired an attorney in pursuit of justice for their pup, who is still undergoing treatment for his injuries.

Amazon delivery driver shoots family dog along Alabama Route

According to NBC News, the incident occurred on Sunday, Feb. 4. The dog’s owner, Rose Kirk — who was in the house with her kids at the time of the shooting — maintains she hadn’t ordered any package to be delivered. For this reason, she told the news outlet that the Amazon driver “had no reason to be on my property.” Kirk owns two dogs, Solar and Lunar. Both are Shepherd Mixes.

A statement by the Hueytown police department explained that as the Amazon delivery driver took the package to Kirk’s residence, Solar came from under the porch and charged toward the driver. Immediately, the driver retrieved his weapon and fired a single shot at the dog before leaving the scene.

Authorities argue the driver acted in self-defense since “the dog was being very aggressive and charged at the delivery driver.” The statement further revealed: “Through the investigation by patrol officers on the scene, it was determined that there was nothing more to this investigation rather than a delivery driver attempt to defend himself.”

Kirk, on the other hand, insists she had chained both dogs to her porch. At the time of the shooting, the canines were resting on chairs under the porch. When she heard the gunshot, she went outside to investigate, only to find her dog shot.

Kirk further questioned the Amazon delivery driver’s decision to approach the porch despite being aware of the dogs’ presence.

“If you notice dogs, why are you steadily walking toward the dog if they’re a threat to you?” Kirk told USA Today. “If I don’t know a dog, I’m not going to go near it.” She went on to add that the driver “noticed them, but instead of backing off, he did not back off.”

Following the incident, Amazon has since fired the driver. Nevertheless, the Kirks have hired an attorney in their quest for justice for Solar.

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