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« Alien » dog and cat names

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« Alien » dog and cat names – DogTime

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These dog and cat names are derived from characters featured in the movie Alien (1979) and its sequel Aliens (1986). Warning: Plot spoilers are revealed below.

  • Ash (Featured in Alien; android science officer on board the Nostromo, Ash malfunctions, attacks his fellow crew members, and is ultimately dismantled)
  • Bishop (Featured in Aliens; an android on expedition to LV-426)
  • Hicks (Featured in Aliens; a corporal in the marines)
  • Hudson (Featured in Aliens; a private in the marines)
  • Jonesy (Featured in Alien and Aliens; orange-and-white tabby cat who escapes with Ripley from the Nostromo)
  • Newt (Featured in Aliens; a little girl who seems to be the only survivor of a colony on LV-426)
  • Ripley (Featured in Alien and Aliens; survivor of the Nostromo‘s alien infestation and rescuer of Newt)


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