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Alabama Rot Concerns Intensify for UK Dog Owners in 2024

The deadly Alabama Rot continues to impact the lives of dogs in the U.K. As a result, dog owners in the country have become wary of taking their canines for walks in woodland areas. This is after the recent deaths of two dogs, who, sadly, contracted the killer disease while out and about in the woods. 

Alabama Rot continues to concern UK dog owners

Cases of Alabama Rot — also known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) — seem to be spreading across the U.K. amidst the wintry weather. 

A popular Facebook group called Alabama Rot and Dog Health UK is seeing an increase in the number of terrified dog owners who suspect their dogs may have contracted the flesh-eating disease, which thrives in moist, muddy conditions.

One group member shared: “I’m a commercial dog walker around Camberley, Surrey. We have a lot of lovely military land to walk on, and as such, we are licensed by Landmarc to use the land. Landmarc has warned us that there have been two suspected cases of Alabama Rot on Barossa Common and at Ash Rangers. Anyone know of any further cases in the area? I’m currently washing all the dogs’ feet with water and then spraying with a dog-friendly antiseptic/disinfectant after each walk.”

On January 16, another worried dog owner revealed her 2-year-old Boxer had developed a sore foot but had “no obvious sores, and then it started weeping.”

According to the distraught owner, the veterinarian who ran blood and urine tests on her pup “found her kidneys aren’t how they should be.” Although the vet hasn’t reached a diagnosis yet, the dog owner expressed worry over the outcome.   

Among the common symptoms of the potentially fatal disease include skin sores, lethargy, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Without urgent treatment, an affected dog eventually develops kidney failure and dies.

Live map of Alabama Rot cases in the UK 

The Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists — who track confirmed cases of Alabama Rot across the U.K. — have confirmed new cases of the fatal disease in various areas since the year started.

As per their Live map, some of the Alabama Rot hotspots in 2024 include Surrey, Farringdon, North Yorkshire, Kidderminster, Milton Keynes, Kent, and Ashford. 

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