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Alabama Dog Rescued from Behind Wall After Disappearing During Storm


In Guntersville, Alabama, a missing dog was rescued from an unexpected place — behind the wall of a home under construction. This extraordinary rescue brought together the efforts of a local contractor, Guntersville Animal Control, and the dog’s worried owners.

Guntersville Animal Control rescues pet dog from behind the wall

Haggard’s disappearance and subsequent rescue took place during a storm last week. Haggard, a 14-year-old black Lab owned by Tee and Kay Brice, went missing, leaving his owners distressed upon their return home from a trip. Despite days of searching, Haggard remained lost. Then, contractor Mark Gullion heard the sound of barking emanating from within the walls of a house he was working on. Gullion, along with the homeowner, pinpointed the source of the barking to the interior of a wall, prompting them to contact Guntersville Animal Control for assistance.

Matt Kaminski from Animal Control arrived to conduct the rescue operation. He worked together with Gullion and the homeowner to trace the source of the barking to a specific location behind the wall. The investigation revealed that Haggard had ventured into the attic, only to fall through the ceiling and become trapped behind the wall. Kaminski had no choice but to cut a hole in the wall to free the dog — per WAFF 48. “A dog in the wall is about as crazy as it gets around here,” Kaminski said.

Following his release from the confined space, Haggard’s joy was unmistakable. “The dog’s lower jaw dropped and started tremoring in happiness, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Kaminski recounted. Continuing, he added, “Everybody was really excited.” Owners Tee and Kay Brice experienced relief and joy after reuniting with their beloved pup.

A veterinarian has since examined Haggard and, aside from slight dehydration, the dog emerged from his ordeal unharmed. Following his rescue, Haggard is now back home, resting comfortably and receiving plenty of love from his grateful owners.


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