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Akitamatian Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts

The Akitamatian loyal and enjoys spending time with family. This breed mix is prone to separation anxiety. They’re perfect for a stay-at-home worker who still makes time to go on a hike or participate in other daily exercise with their pup. They grow bored easily, so be sure that they are occupied if you are away. It may be a good idea to hire a dog walker to give the Akitamatian extra opportunities to burn off energy when you are away. Keep in mind this won’t always be possible, as the Akitamatian may not trust any others to enter the home or handle them.

Akitamatians are often good-natured and loving, but they are also high energy and overprotective. It’s crucial to work on socialization from a young age for this breed. Given their Akita heritage, they may be wary of strangers or other dogs. They are also prone to guarding behavior which may manifest in nuisance barking, growling, or lunging without training. 

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