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AI Could Match You With Your Perfect Dog Breed, New Study Shows


A new study has revealed that AI could match an aspiring dog owner with their perfect dog breed. With several potential applications, this new advancement could help many prospective pet owners who are looking to welcome a new canine into their homes.

How A.I. could match you with your perfectly compatible dog breed

A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of London have come up with an AI algorithm that can accurately evaluate the personalities of different dog breeds.

The researchers — who have a specialty in canine behavior and artificial intelligence — conducted a study on the dog personality testing AI algorithm on behalf of Florida-based canine technology company, Dogvatar.

As reported by SCIENMAG, this AI algorithm could help make it easier for people to find the most compatible canine companion. Moreover, the algorithm will be used by law enforcement agencies looking for the perfect K-9 much faster. It will also be helpful to disabled persons searching for the most compatible service dog.

Additionally, shelters looking to ensure the dogs they adopt out are a great fit for their adoptive families will benefit from this AI algorithm.

To develop the algorithm, the researchers compiled about 8,000 responses from a popular dog personality testing online tool, the Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ).

C-BARQ normally gathers personality and behavior-related data from dog owners. In this case, dog owners answer a wide range of questions regarding their breeds’ personalities. Plus, this questionnaire asks dog owners how their canines behave in response to various everyday situations.

Using comprehensive data from C-BARQ, the research team formulated five main categories for their experimental dog personality AI algorithm. They include:

  • Excitable/Attached
  • Anxious/Fearful
  • Aloof/Predatory
  • Reactive/Assertive
  • Calm/Agreeable

As of now, the researchers have yet to unveil this AI-powered dog personality algorithm to the public. It’s still in the works. They are carrying out further research to ensure it is as effective and reliable as possible.


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