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After 400-plus Days, Shelter Dog Finds Home


A shelter dog in Virginia has finally found his fur-ever home after spending more than 400 days without anyone expressing interest in adopting him. It’s a happy ending that we have a feeling might make you grab a tissue.

Virginia shelter dog adopted after over a year

A Pit Bull Terrier named North Star, prior to adoption, had stayed at the Virginia Beach Animal Care And Adoption Center for over 400 days. As weeks turned into months, no one seemed to show any interest in taking the lovely pup home.

In a perfect world, no dog would ever have to spend several months or years in an animal shelter as they desperately watch other canines walk out with their new adoptive families. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many dogs out there stuck in shelters with little hope.

However, North Star’s story took a positive turn when WTKR News 3 aired his story about a few weeks ago. Amazingly, one lady who watched North Star’s story got particularly drawn to the precious canine.

According to the shelter manager, the woman visited North Star just a few days after the story aired. After her first visit, she returned to see the pup a couple of times. Little did North Star know that his stay at the shelter was coming to an end. This week, the shelter announced that the lady officially adopted North Star, and we couldn’t be any happier.

North Star’s happy ending goes to show that oftentimes, great things happen when the media intervenes. We hope that more and more shelters will continue to air stories of their animals because, sometimes, a shelter dog’s life may change forever.

While getting a dog is a decision that comes with great reward, we can’t stress enough the importance of adopting your dream canine from a reputable place, such as a shelter or rescue organization. It’s advisable to avoid purchasing your pet from “puppies for sale” sellers.


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