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Afghan Sheepdog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts


The Afghan Sheepdog’s intelligence, largely contributed by the Belgian Sheepdog, lends to easy trainability. However, ensuring good behavior comes along with the need to properly exercise and stimulate this dog. The Afghan Sheepdog does best with a walk or hike of at least 60 minutes daily along with other exercise opportunities. This breed excels in a home with a large backyard to play in or a « job » for them to focus their energy into.

Afghan Sheepdogs are often good natured and loving with their families. With that in mind, they can be very wary of strangers and be aggressive or overprotective at times. Afghan Sheepdogs may try to herd other dogs, smaller pets, or small children. It’s important to socialize this breed from a young age to reduce the risk of fear-based reactivity.  While this lends to good use as a watchdog, protectiveness can easily turn to excessive barking and lunging without consistent training.


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