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Affen Border Terrier Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts

The Affen Border Terrier shouldn’t be mistaken for a laid-back companion just because of their smaller size. This breed needs regular exercise, mental stimulation, and attention from their dog parents. While intelligence lends easy trainability to this breed, they are also known for being stubborn and needing consistent work in training and behavior-shaping. Without consistency, this breed may bark excessively or engage in mischief around the house. However, for an active home, the Affen Border Terrier is likely to cut down on class clown behavior and be a well-mannered companion.

Affen Border Terriers are generally cheerful and easy to get along with. They excel with canine companions and respectful older children who are willing to engage in a walk or game of fetch. However, these dogs are unlikely to be a good fit for homes with small children, small animals, or cats. Both parent breeds have an extremely strong prey drive — something that, even with dedicated training, can’t be removed. While they’re unlikely to mean any harm, these dogs don’t enjoy rough handling and may snap or nip at young children who aren’t yet aware of how to handle furry friends.

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