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Adoptable Pit Bull Showcases Skills in Shelter’s Obstacle Course


In Loretta’s world, two things reign supreme: toys and obstacle courses. This adoptable Pit Bull mix often showcases her skills and athletic prowess in the newly constructed obstacle course at Franklin County Dog Shelter in Ohio, according to NBC News. Loretta’s favorite way to spend the day is performing tricks — showcasing her skills and athletic prowess, like a true champion.

However, she isn’t alone in this journey. As she waits for her forever home, Loretta is joined by her best friend — a squeaky hedgehog chew toy — as well as her Behavior Coordinator, Becca Moser. 

Pit Bull mix loves tricks and treats

Loretta’s tail-wagging charm is on full display for visitors to the playground. While observing the beloved pooch, Becca Moser jokes about Loretta’s “destructive side” when it comes to toys. “She probably could have laid in the grass and chewed on that toy for hours,” Becca adds. 

However, Loretta’s love is not scary if you aren’t a chew toy. Every day, this lovable Pit Bull mix shatters misconceptions about her breed through her intelligent and friendly nature. She even knows basic tricks like “sit” and “shake” and is always ready to show off for a quick treat.

Of her love for treats, Moser remarks, “We have kind of like a dog walk A-frame, and she loved to go up that.” Continuing, Moser said that while Loretta “wasn’t too keen on the jumps…she did do a couple of them and I think for treats, she would do anything.” 

Loretta faces greatest obstacle in awaiting her forever home

Loretta’s incredible ability to learn attests to her potential as a charming canine companion. Additionally, this young Pit Bull has shown a penchant for listening to commands, given the right incentive. These traits suggest that Loretta would thrive in obedience classes. Even so, this charming canine has yet to find her forever home.

Despite enjoying her time at the obstacle course, this adoptable Pit Bull yearns for something more — a permanent family to call her own. Currently residing at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, located at 4340 Tamarack Boulevard in Columbus, Ohio, this adoptable Pit Bull has patiently bided her time since May. Unfortunately, Loretta has yet to experience the joys of being in a foster home. She has also yet to enjoy a sleepover or experience the thrill of going on field trips.

Loretta’s story subtly illustrates a broader challenge faced by Pit Bulls in the world of adoption. Misconceptions and exaggerated stereotypes continue to sully the loving and loyal nature of these incredible dogs. Many Pit Bulls, just like Loretta, are in search of their forever homes. They yearn for the opportunity to prove that they are exceptional companions when given a chance. 

For now, Loretta remains on the lookout for any visitor who might glance beyond the stigma of her breed to embrace her as a four-legged member of their family.  



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