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Actress Jorgie Porter Saved by Pet Dog During Attempted Break-in

Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter recently recounted a harrowing experience where she and her family were targeted by armed robbers at their home. With her fiancé and son present, the Theresa McQueen actress found herself in a terrifying situation one night in October 2023 when intruders attempted to break in. However, Porter and her family suffered no harm, thanks to the quick actions of her loyal pet dog.

Jorgie Porter reveals Doberman Stella’s barking saved her family

Jorgie Porter shared a remarkable story of her pet dog thwarting armed robbers, as per Metro. The actress, along with her fiancé Ollie Piotrowski and son Forest, faced a terrifying situation when assailants tried to break into their home in the middle of the night in October 2023.

Right after the incident, Jorgie expressed her fear and distress on Instagram, lamenting the attempted robbery. She stated, “I’m really upset … scared and angry that our house was almost robbed last night. People tried to get in.”

The actress has now disclosed that it was their pet Doberman, Stella, whose barking scared off the burglars. Moreover, she alerted Porter and Ollie to the danger.

Recently, Porter appeared on a podcast where she recounted the frightening incident. She credited her dog for the safety of her and her family that night. In her words, “Our dog Stella saved us … She scared them away, so they didn’t get in.”

She described the situation, saying, “I was asleep, but Ollie heard Stella barking in a different way. So he went to check on her, and when he looked outside … the lights [on the security system] were off.”

In addition, she explained how police and her relatives promptly arrived at their home. Continuing, she added, “We were even looking to get another dog because we thought, you know, that was so brilliant, what Stella did. We joke that we’ve given her a wage and a security badge.”

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