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Actress Chloe Sevigny’s Anti-Dog Comments Spark Debate Among New York Owners


Actress Chloe Sevigny’s anti-dog comments have sparked controversy, with some New York dog owners having issues with what she said. In a new interview, Chloe Sevigny shared a theory while promoting Ryan Murphy’s series Feud: Capote and the Swans, where she blamed an unexpected culprit for the city’s downfall — dogs.

What did Chloe Sevigny say about dogs?

Chloe Sevigny shared her annoyance with the dog owners of the city.

In an interview with Rolling Ston, the actress spoke about how athleisure wear-clad residents of Manhattan paired with an increasing number of dogs are spoiling the vibe of her downtown haunts.

“The athleisure and the dogs are taking over, and that’s really unfortunate,”said Sevigny. “Everybody’s in Lululemon and has a f***ing dog and it’s driving me crazy. I’m sorry, dog lovers. There are too many of you.”

How have dog owners in New York reacted?

The actress’s complaints have largely been shrugged off by New Yorkers. Many were keen to defend the role dogs play in their life, especially in such a hectic city.

Brooklynite Abby Walsh stated the real problem was dog owners lacking responsibility (via The Guardian). Walsh’s perspective resonated with Stefanie, another dog owner, who said: “Dog owners are a specific category of annoying person.” Both stressed the need for better pet etiquette.

Jeremy, from Bushwick, suggested Sevigny’s opinion might be shaped by the entitled owners in wealthier neighborhoods. According to him, dogs were not a new or significant issue, as she claims. Across the river in downtown Manhattan, Isabella Mino at Washington Square Park disagreed with Sevigny’s assumption that dog ownership equated to wealth. To her, owning a dog was about companionship in a sometimes lonely city.

A few people, like Jenny Dwin, pointed out that New Yorkers have the freedom to wear and own what they wish, with or without Sevigny’s approval. Dogs wearing a bow tie or people in Lululemon gear are common sights and part of the city’s dynamic tapestry that helps make it special.


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