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Actor Max Greenfield, of « New Girl » Fame, Adopts Rescue Dog

Actor Max Greenfield, known for playing the beloved character of Schmidt in “New Girl,” has adopted a dog. You may also remember Greenfield from the laughs he delivered in the role of Sheriff’s Deputy Leo D’Amato on “Veronica Mars.” Or, perhaps, you enjoy his comedic portrayal of Dave Johnson on “The Neighborhood.” Whatever the case, he knows how to make an audience chuckle.

Off-screen, Greenfield and his wife, Tess Sanchez — who works as a casting director — are serious about their love of dogs. The couple and their two kids recently brought home a pooch from Wags and Walks Rescue in Los Angeles. The dog, who is named Darlin, spent over a year in foster care before going home with the Greenfield Family.

Dog finds forever home

Patience is a virtue, or at least it was for Darlin. The dog spent 400 days awaiting a forever family. During that time, Wags and Walks had placed Darlin with a foster family. After a long wait, she is being welcomed into a household of dog lovers thanks to Max and Tess Greenfield.

Wags and Walks announced the adoption on Instagram, saying “We are thrilled to share that after 400 days (!!) in our care our beautiful girl Darlin has found her forever home with one of our favorite rescue advocates [Max Greenfield] & [Tess Sanchez Greenfield]!”

The rescue went on to write that the Greenfields shared, “Darlin is a million dollar dog. We knew she was the one the first day we brought her home!”

The Greenfields love dogs

Max and Tess Greenfield also took to their own Instagrams to share the news of adopting their latest rescue pup. In doing so, the two raised awareness of the importance of adopting a pooch, instead of purchasing from a breeder. Irresponsible breeders contribute to animal overpopulation, perpetuate the existence of genetic issues, and can bolster the existence of puppy mills.

The Greenfields’ first rescue pup

This isn’t the first dog the family has rescued. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Greenfields brought home a Pit Bull and American Bulldog mix named Joey. Like Darlin, Joey was also adopted through Wags and Walks.

During the summer of 2020, Tess shared a series of photos of the pooch on her Instagram. In the first pic, the dog is cuddled with both her husband and their son Ozzie. In the second, Joey is being hugged by the couple’s daughter, Lilly.

Tess captioned the post, “This gentle old man is Joey, he was a stray and rescued by [Wags and Walks] from a high kill shelter. We think he is around 6 years old. A little beat up with a few scars, he was likely not at the top of adoption lists.” She continues by writing, “We are so lucky he chose our family to love and spread joy during the grimmest of times.”

Max Greenfield is a voice for dogs

Earlier that year, Max Greenfield was cast to co-star in an animated movie that was part of the Warner Bros.’ Cats & Dogs franchise. He took the role before welcoming the first of his two rescue pups into his home. Greenfield voiced Roger the dog, a Border Collie, in Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite!

When asked about the movie and his family’s decision to bring a pet into the fold, Greenfield explained how both the pandemic and what was happening in the world influenced the choices. In an interview with Australia’s news.com.au, Greenfield said, “The joy Joey brings to our family — we’re complete and utter dog lovers now. To me, Cats & Dogs 3 is the type of content that is very necessary at the moment. Just animals, but specifically, dogs, and specifically, dogs talking. That’s all I want to see.”

A trend in celebrities adopting dogs

Over the past few years, more celebrities have been visible and vocal about their choice to adopt rather than shop for a new forever friend. Earlier this summer, both Michelle Pfeiffer and Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to share photos of their rescue pups. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was featured on an L.A.-based rescue’s social media for the adoption of her newest pooch. The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has a whole host of rescue dogs — including Labrador Retrievers and Basset Hounds — who hold court on her porch in Oklahoma. By the same token, the rescue pups of Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Chris Evans steal hearts for being named after celebrities, athletes, and other historical figures.

Rescue dogs deserve love. They deserve great homes with families like the Greenfields. That said, even people who aren’t celebrities can make a canine feel like a star. If you’re hoping to change the life of a rescue pup, there are great organizations near you looking for foster and adoptive dog parents. Before you begin your search, learn more about the difference between adopting from a shelter and a rescue. You can also check out our guide to finding the right animal shelter for you.

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