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Acclaimed Sculptor May Create a “Ricochet the Surf Dog” Statue


A legendary animal sculptor plans to create a “Ricochet the Surf Dog” statue at California’s Del Mar Dog Beach Memorial Garden, CBS8 News reports.

Ricochet, a female Golden Retriever, died in March this year after a long struggle with liver cancer. Loved by the community not only for her remarkable surfing skills, but as her work as a certified therapy dog working with veterans battling PTSD.

Artist Susan Bahary, famous for her inspiring dog sculptures asking the public to donate $145,000 to create a life-size bronze statue of Ricochet. 

Finding the perfect spot to memorialize Ricochet the surf dog  

The Del Mar Dog Beach Memorial Garden was chosen as the place ideal for the statue. Bahary couldn’t agree more. “This is perfect. This is where Ricochet needs to be,” she said.

Bahary, also the founder of the National Service Animals Memorial (NSAM), is ready to create Ricochet’s statue. “Yes, I really feel the memorial for Ricochet needs to happen,” Bahary shared. “It’s been in my mind and heart. I can’t get it out I just feel it needs to be born.” 

Unfortunately, Ricochet’s pet parent, Judy Fridono, passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. But before she died, she reached out to Bahary to create her beloved dog’s statue. Now, family and friends are thrilled her wish might come true. “No way, that’s the coolest thing, I have [the] goosebumps that’s crazy,” Jennifer Volz, one Fridono’s closest friends said.

According to Bahary, part of the $145,000 will fund the NSAM, a non-profit organization based in Washington dedicated to honoring service animals and their handlers.  If you would like to donate towards Ricochet’s memorial, visit the NSAM website.


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