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A Stray Dog’s Journey From Hardship to Hope

Due to the efforts of two non-profit organizations, a homeless dog’s life is going to change for the better. As per News Channel 9, a stray dog named Kerrie was found in poor condition in North Carolina. The two non-profits, Pilots N Paws and Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue (SCMR), flew the Maltese to Chattanooga. 

A pilot with access to a private plane volunteered to fly Kerrie so that she could receive the critical medical attention she needed. 

Maltese was found matted and abandoned

An animal shelter discovered the Maltese. Unfortunately, the stray dog had a severely matted coat.

According to the head of SCMR, Cynthia Brundage, “The matting had cut into the muscle in her back left leg and had exposed bone.” What’s more, “The foot was very badly casted and had no circulation going to it.”

After cleaning the dog up and tending to her wounds, SCMR wanted to continue assisting in her journey towards rescue and recovery. 

“A pilot came forward, Conor McKnight with Pilots N Paws, and volunteered to bring Kerrie here. He even went to the vet to pick her up,” Brundage reveals. 

For McKnight, this act of kindness was instinctive. He talks about his gesture, saying, “You know, personally, helping the animals, plus having an excuse to fly, is always good.” Continuing, he adds, “And then just having that mission to work towards something is always something I feel like I really appreciate.”

A veterinary internist is fostering the stray dog

Subsequently, Brundage accompanied Kerrie to the VCA Veterinary Clinic, where veterinary internist and foster mom Amy Holford took charge.

“We’ll assess the wound, conduct a full physical exam, and devise a plan based on our findings,” Holford explains.

Additionally, Holford shares that after Kerrie has fully healed, she will be adopted. She further added that the Maltese will be “living in Texas like a princess.”

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