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$900 Dog Gucci Raincoat Showcased by Celebrity David Portnoy


In a display of lavish pet pampering, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has splurged on a high-end $900 Gucci raincoat for his cherished dog, Miss Peaches. Portnoy, known for his social media presence and love for his furry friend, showcased the extravagant purchase in a recent online video that quickly captured the hearts of his followers.

‘Miss Peaches’ wears dog Gucci raincoat in viral video

The viral clip features a thrilled Portnoy unwrapping the designer raincoat, clearly more excited about the unveiling than Miss Peaches herself. However, the patience of this well-behaved pooch paid off as she donned her new outfit.

“Miss Peaches it’s raining out so let’s see what daddy got you for the rain,” Portnoy can be heard saying in the video. The stylish raincoat transformed Miss Peaches, making her look, as Portnoy put it, “so beautiful.” The duo then proceeded to take the chic raincoat for a test walk outdoors. However, the rain had ceased, so the walk demonstrated its aesthetic rather than its utility.

Fans and followers couldn’t contain their admiration for Miss Peaches’ new look in the video’s comments section. Reactions ranged from humorous quips about Miss Peaches showing off her new drip to playful teases about Portnoy’s casual attire in contrast to his dog’s designer ensemble. There were even suggestions for a potential collaboration between Gucci and the canine fashion icon.

Portnoy is no stranger to indulging Miss Peaches with extravagant gifts. Prior to the Gucci raincoat, he had also purchased a custom stroller for her — per AOL News. Despite facing criticism from some quarters for the extravagance, Portnoy remains unfazed. He has humorously defended his decisions by highlighting the dog’s impeccable behavior compared to unruly children.

Apart from some occasional mischief involving Starbucks coffee and leather wallets, Portnoy has a deep love for Miss Peaches. He documents her antics online. He expresses nothing but affection for his rescue dog, even when she’s being a little naughty. This recent purchase is just another testament to Portnoy’s unwavering devotion to making sure Miss Peaches lives a life of luxury and love.


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