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90 Dogs Rescued From Pennsylvania Home


Ninety dogs were found living in cages in a Pennsylvania home, reports CBS affiliate KDKA News. Last week, police responded to a report of possible animal cruelty in a home of an elderly couple in Bedford Township. Upon arriving at the scene, they heard multiple dogs barking inside and noticed an “overwhelming smell of dog feces.”

Dogs and other animals found covered in feces and urine

Inside the house, police found 90 dogs, eight cats, and a turtle, along with several dead animals. The animals were covered in feces and urine and looked emaciated. Authorities also noticed several dogs in the backyard, one of whom seemed to have injuries on their ears.

Later, with the help of multiple shelters, veterinarians, and volunteers, the animals moved out of the house. According to police, the homeowners initially said they had 15 dogs, but later changed their story, saying there were 60 canines. Authorities added that the investigation is currently ongoing.

In an interview with CBS affiliate WTAJ News, Joe Zolna, Board President of the Central PA Humane Society in Blair County, said, “It’s tough to see that many dogs like that, caged up and in the condition they were in.” He stated Bedford County Humane Society, a local shelter, has been taking in most of the animals.

The shelter put up a post on Facebook, asking for blankets, towels, funds, and volunteers to help. “Our shelter is already full,” the organization wrote. “So now, while caring for the 40+ dogs we already have, we have an additional 90 that need extra TLC and we just don’t have enough employees to do it all!!”

The next day, a number of volunteers arrived at the shelter (per WTAJ News). “Without them, I don’t know how we would’ve done all the cleaning,” Shelter Manager Kathy Ramsey said.

You can donate online to support the shelter.


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