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70 Dogs Dead From Fire at Ohio Puppy Mill

At least 70 dogs perished in a fire that broke out at a puppy mill in Morrow County, Ohio, early Wednesday morning. Reports say 17 dogs managed to escape the massive blaze that left the puppy mill in ruins.

Fire department reports close to 70 dogs died due to Ohio puppy mill fire

On March 20, the Johnsville Fire Department responded to reports of a puppy mill that was up in flames with dozens of dogs inside, as per ABC6 News. According to the news outlet, the puppy mill owner managed to free 17 dogs who were living in kennels outside the burning building.

Tragically, 70 dogs trapped inside the building did not make it. It took the fire crew 40 minutes to extinguish the blaze. 10 WBSN News reports that one firefighter came across a puppy hiding in a corner after escaping from underneath a fallen roof.

Investigations into the cause of the fire revealed that a wood-burning stove placed in the middle of the building for heating purposes caused the massive inferno. The puppy mill owner told the Johnsville Fire Department they had “placed wood in the wood-burning stove used to heat the building.”

Commenting on the tragedy, Johnsville Fire Chief, Harlen Barrick, shared that in his 40 years of service as a firefighter, this particular incident was among the most emotional he’s ever handled.

Wood-burning stoves often come quite in handy during the colder months. However, they can be a fire hazard if not well-used or maintained.

According to Panadero, a wood-burning stove that doesn’t light properly can cause a build-up of toxic and flammable gases in the air. Consequently, this may lead to an explosion as the stove releases sparks. While using a wood-burning stove inside a building, it’s important to ensure all doors and windows can easily open in case of a fire.

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