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7 Puppies Stolen in Washington, D.C., Car Theft Found Safe

Seven of eight puppies stolen in a car theft in Washington, D.C., have been found safe, reports NBC affiliate WRC News. A community member found the American Bulldog pups and dropped them off at a police station Sunday evening. Subsequently, they were reunited with their owner. Meanwhile, authorities are still looking for the final missing puppy.

Car stolen with American Bulldog puppies inside

On Saturday afternoon, the pups’ owner, a breeder and veterinary technician, loaded the canines in her car and went back to her house. She’d left the car running but had taken the keys with her. However, when she came back, the car and the puppies were not to be found. “I stepped back in to get my bag and my coat. Went to go back outside, and the car was gone,” she said.

The police managed to recover her car the following morning, but her puppies were still missing. She later got a call saying seven of her eight dogs were found. However, she expressed concerns regarding the missing eighth pup. “I’m hoping to get him back,” she said. “But if not, I at least hope that he’s being taken care of properly.”

The missing puppy is dark in color with white markings. According to authorities, the person who found the pups has no connection with the theft. As per a news release shared by the Metropolitan Police Department, authorities are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who shares information that could help lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Recent instances of American Bulldogs being stolen

American Bulldogs have been frequent targets for thieves, largely due to their popularity and high price tag. In May 2023, an American Bulldog was stolen at gunpoint from his owner by three armed men in New York, according to The New York Post. The owner was looking to sell the dog and the men said they were interested. However, instead of giving them cash, they threatened him with a gun outside his house and proceeded to snatch the pup.

In another incident last April, two American Bulldogs were stolen from an apartment in Gresham, Oregon, as per CBS affiliate KOIN News. The pups ran out of the apartment when the dog sitter took out the trash. They were ultimately found and reunited with their owners after a short while.

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