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6 Dog Deaths Linked to Dog Training Area


Six dog deaths are linked to a Salt Lake City dog-training area. The area is currently closed due to potential contamination that led to the fatalities.

Dog deaths share a common denominator

According to Fox 13 News, a dog-training area located at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range at 6000 West 2100 South is the common denominator in six dog deaths. Authorities suspect contamination killed the dogs.

The issues began on May 12, when a dog trainer conducted training sessions for 13 dogs over a period of eight days. During that time, the dogs roamed the property and had access to a pond. The dogs later began vomiting and experienced diarrhea. Veterinarians euthanized one seriously ill dog and five other pups passed away due to their sickness.

Investigation underway, contamination suspected

In photographs from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, there is a light gray substance present near the water. The substance may be where bacteria originated. An investigation is underway, and officials are testing the dog-training area. A padlock on the gate is keeping other pups from exposure to the possible contaminant for now.

“Experts believe there’s some type of bacteria in the area, but they’re waiting on results from tests to determine exactly what is happening,” Fox 13 News reports.

“We are working with the Utah Division of Water Quality and will work to take the needed precautions to ensure the safety of visitors at the training grounds before reopening the area to public use,” an official statement regarding the issue reads. “Public safety and the well-being of the dogs that use this facility are a top priority for us. Our heart goes out to the dog owner for the unfortunate loss of these dogs.”

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