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5-Month-Old Puppy Dies at Dog Training Facility After Pipe Burst


A couple in Bellmore, New York, is devastated after their 5-month-old puppy died at a dog training facility in Long Island.

The couple had enrolled their Italian Greyhound named Obi at the K9 Mania Dog Training for a three-week course. Tragically, the pup died on Thanksgiving night following a pipe burst that directed water into his cage for hours.

Caged puppy subjected to hours of cold water

Obi was locked inside his crate when a flexi-hose in the facility raptured after business hours. There was no one around at the time to free the poor pup. Unfortunately, the freezing, high-pressure water shot continuously into his kennel for roughly five hours.

According to ABC7 New York, Obi went into a state of shock.

“Eventually he went into shock after fighting for hours and he laid down in the crate and passed away there,” Vincent Pedone, Obi’s owner, shared.

The couple — Miranda Wisell and Vincent Pedone — believe the facility’s negligence cost their dog his life. For this reason, they’ve decided to take legal action.

Elliot Rosenberg, the facility’s owner, admitted that an employee forgot to turn off the water supply overnight. This resulted in the pipe bursting. While the management finally accepted their mistake, Obi’s owners say Rosenberg initially tried to downplay the situation.

“It is ridiculous that it took the news and social media to even have the facility address what they’ve done,” the heartbroken couple told PEOPLE. They further accused Rosenberg of offering them $100 for their “troubles.”

The couple has yet to come to terms with Obi’s loss, as he was training to become Miranda’s service dog. “He was going to be trained to be [a] service dog to help Miranda with her PTSD and trauma and just to have that ripped away all at once was terrible. ”


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