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30 Best Dog Names For Stunning Shih Tzus [PICTURES]

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Shih tzu puppy in nature

What are your favorite names for Shih Tzu dogs? (Picture Credit: elenasendler/Getty Images)

Are you looking for a great name for a Shih Tzu dog? You’ve come to the right place! DNA has linked the Shih Tzu to wolves, surprisingly enough. However, they were originally bred to be royal Chinese lap dogs.

If you’re bringing home a new Shih Tzu friend from the shelter, maybe you need a name that suits their regal personality. Or maybe your new pal is adorably un-regal and needs a name to reflect their goofy side.

These pups are as cute as they are popular. So many wonderful Shih Tzus are in shelters and rescues and would love to find their forever homes. You can look for dogs to adopt in your area by checking our Dogtime adoption section.

Here are some great names for Shih Tzu dogs and puppies from fellow pet parents on Instagram in case you’re bringing home a new buddy!

Remember to pick out a name that you and your pup love, as it will stay with your Shih Tzu buddy for their entire life.

Have you brought home a new Shih Tzu friend? Have you already picked out a great name for them? Please tell us their name in the comments below!


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