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3 Puppies & Donations Stolen from Albany Humane Society


The Albany Humane Society (AHS) in Georgia is requesting the public’s assistance in finding three Pit Bull-Terrier mix puppies stolen from their adoption center. Besides stealing the canines, the suspect also made away with cash donations worth hundreds of dollars.

Puppies and donation box stolen during Albany Humane Society break-in

According to Albany Herald News, the break-in happened on Tuesday, Mar. 19 shortly after 11 p.m. Unfortunately, by the time authorities arrived, the masked suspect had already fled the scene with the three puppies. He also stole the donation box, which contained an estimated $700-$1,000 in cash, as reported by WALB News.

A review of the surveillance footage captured the intruder gaining access to the shelter by opening fire at the door. The footage then shows them leaving the facility while carrying the roughly 10-week-old puppies together with the donation box.

Payton Jarrell, the AHS director, told the news outlet that the incident left the animals in their shelter shaken. “We have a couple of animals that we keep in our front office area,”Jarrell shared. “We were most concerned about if they were affected, and if so, how they were affected. They were pretty shaken up this morning.”

Jarrell also disclosed that the gunfire put their animals’ lives at great risk.

“I can only imagine how traumatizing the shots fired were to our animals, especially our office cat you can see running away in the video,” Jarrell narrated. “We are so fortunate that the bullets only made it through two walls because right on the other side is where cats are housed.” Continuing, Jarrell added: “We are devastated that three puppies were taken but so happy that no other animals were harmed.”

Now, the AHS is appealing to the public to contact them if they come across the stolen Pit Bull-Terriers. “We’re asking the public to keep an eye out on social media and also at (veterinarian) offices for these puppies coming in,” Jarrell said.


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